AFEICA is a Beneteau First 375 out of Windsor Yacht Club in Windsor, ON, CANADA. Owned by Brian & Leslie La Bute it is on its way for a Winter adventure in the Bahamas. This is a capture of the trials & tribulations, stories and statements of the delivery.


18 Responses to ABOUT

  1. helenmcapp says:

    Hi! Can I use your photo of Buffalo Yacht CLub for an article in a newsletter for a buffalo FOod and Wine CLub if I give you credit?

  2. Sail Away says:

    Not sure if everyone was there to see Brian off or make sure he actually left the dock and headed in the right direction…

  3. jcecile says:

    Hey Brian, finally got this thing working with help from Les. How’s the weather up there? Up and down here! Are you and Chris still talking (LOL)? Continued safe sailing and enjoyment. Post some stuff in your blog though! How bout pics?

    Catch you later.


  4. cp0072013 says:

    Hi Brian,
    Happy, Happy Birthday!!! and many more! I’m actually singing this. Can you hear me??
    All the best
    Carol P.
    Vince sends his greetings also!

  5. Steve and Judy says:

    Wishing you a Happy Birthday tomorrow. We will think of you moving along. Steve and Judy.

  6. cp0072013 says:

    Hi Brian
    I saw you getting ready to sail & planned to wish you Bon Voyage in person, but you were gone in a flash. Leslie emailed me you blog, so Vince & I are going to follow your wonderful adventure.
    Wishing you red skies at night
    All the best
    Carol Parent

  7. richard and rheta says:

    you old buzzard. where are you?
    rheta AND richard

  8. Greg says:

    Hope you missed the bad weather we have had over the past week. Looking forward to your updates when you have a chance to make them. Greg

  9. Michelle says:

    Hi Guys. Thinking of you out on the water. Hope its smooth sailing!

  10. Paul Paine says:

    Hey Brian; It is very important that you and Eagen sleep in separate bunks Its a long trip

  11. dianek90 says:

    Hey, Bri……………have the time of your life! Looking forward to reading your adventures.

  12. John pepin says:

    Good Luck and God Bless Brian and Leslie!
    John and Brenda Pepin

  13. John Pepin says:

    Good Luck God Bless and enjoy the Ride
    John and Brenda Pepin

  14. Anne and chuck McIntosh says:

    Be safe…..

  15. Shalaina says:

    Have a great trip Uncle Brian!

  16. Phoenix says:

    Hope you get off to a good start today. Went to your boat after work but you were not around. As they say in Newfoundland,”Long may your big jib draw”. Have a good sail

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