Happy New Year Everyone.


We have spent the days since I last posted getting the boat ready to cross the Gulfstream. We are just about ready to go and judging by the forecast we will probably head down to Miami on Friday. Yesterday, Tuesday we did not make it to the boat at all. Instead we took a ride up to Jupiter, FL to pick up an Engel Freezer from the factory. By chance I sent them an email on Monday night to ask whether or not they sold to the public and if they had anything in a scratch and dent in an MR040 model that we had been wanting to purchase. They did not but they had a MT45 that had been over shipped to a retailer and it was damaged in shipping when it was returned to the factory. It needs to be bumped out a little but that can be done with a rubber mallet. I can’t believe how much frozen food it holds. Boy did we luck out on that.


Spent today, Wednesday, doing some more organizing of provisions on the boat. Really all that is left to pick up is the fresh produce, bread and beer. There sure is lots of stuff on the boat. Good thing Brian raised the water line.


Since today was a holiday we weren’t able to look for a place to store the car. That is at the top of the To Do List for tomorrow. We will also have to make a trip to West Marine, the fuel tank for the dinghy has a leak, so we will look at replacing it.


Our friends on Sail Away spent the New Year in Bimini and we had a report from them that they were pulling out of there at 1600h this afternoon. Destination unknown to Jeanne or the crew. Their crew Dave and Jackie will fly out of Nassau on January 8th.


We spent a quiet evening New Year’s Eve and I had to wake Brian up at midnight to wish him Happy New Year. We wish everyone a very Happy and Healthy New Year.


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  1. Sail Away says:

    Oh no. I hope they replaced the broken foot on the cooler I sent back that was damaged in shipping. Wouldn’t that be a strange twist of fate.

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